Savannah : Tybee : Jekyll Island

Southern Charm ~ Island Calm ~ One Golden Isle

Southern Charm…

Savannah, Georgia.Savannah is the oldest city in the State of Georgia. We love Savannah’s downtown area, especially River Street. If you get to Savannah, check out the Savannah Historic District, the Victorian Historic District and a few of the 22 park-like squares. And, if you aren’t afraid of ghosts, you just have to take the guided ghost tour … a lovely late evening walk!

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Island Calm…

Remembering ...Tybee Island, GeorgiaTybee is referred to as “Savannah’s beach”.  We prefer to call it OUR BEACH!  Our first trip was an emotional one. We needed a place to recoup after weeks of sharing palliative care for our mother, who chose to finish out her life in her own home.  We keep going back not just for the sentimental connection, but because it fits us so well! The photo to the right is the Memorial Brick contribution we made to the fundraiser for the Tybee Light House restoration project.

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One Golden Isle…

Jekyll Island, Georgia. One of only four Georgia barrier islands accessible by car, Jekyll Island has only one real road. We spent the better part of a day there, finishing off our photo tour at the impressive Jekyll Island Club. As the sun started to set, we sat in the dockside bar enjoying a large plate of steamed shrimp so fresh we watched the bar tender carry the bucket from the shrimp boat to the kitchen!

The Horton House Ruins photos are a great example of tabby, a North American building material consisting of lime, sand, water, and crushed oyster shells, used as a substitute for bricks where there was no local source for clay. Tabby was used by English colonists from the Colonial Period into the early 19th century. The labor-intensive process was dependent on slave labor to crush and burn the oyster shells to supply lime, which was combined with sand and water in wood forms to hold the shape until the material hardened. (Source: Wikipedia)

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