Fort Myers : Sebring

The Zoom-mobile - eyes wide open ready to take us anywhere we wanted to go!

The Zoom-mobile – eyes wide open ready to go.

Hard to believe it’s been a year since our last get together, an eleven-day Calgary : Flagstaff : Dublin road trip! No epic adventures this time. We converged on Fort Myers, Fla. I traveled from Seguin, ON, with son, Pat, at the wheel; Cid came from her new home in Sebring, Fla. Even if it’s only for a few weeks every year this is the closest we’ve lived to each other since our teens, and Cid easily made the 3 hour round trip (three times) in the month I was south.

This was Pat’s first long roadtrip in the Jeep. He prefers two wheels. It was great having him along to help manage my two furbabies, six-month old pups, also doing a long ride for the first time in their short little lives. Thank gawd for Gravol.

Hugs. Easter Bunnies.

Hugs for every one; even furry ones. Something special this trip, Cid finally got to meet her new furnieces! Cid and I happily engaged in the family part of this get together with our guys, especially the big Easter dinner.

And a Theme Song!

Then it’s SIS-TIME … just us! No matter how long we’re apart, we always fall into this easy sis-rhythm, whether in the car, the kitchen, shopping (our least favourite thing), roaming with our cameras (most favourite thing) or just lazing around over frosty glasses, feet up, reading, talking or playing board games.


Growing up Beside You by Paolo Nutini

Furnieces. Arnold’s with a ‘V’.

Our first sis-day was spent relaxing, walking and playing with the furbabies, and an introduction to a new “adult beverage”, delightful for those steamy hot, southern days. Arnold Palmers Half & Half Iced Tea Lemonade with lots of ice and 2 “capfulls” of Vodka! The furry gurlies had ice cubes to help them cool down, as well as cold cloths draped on their bellies. They had come from romping over land still covered in 3 feet of snow to green prickly stuff called grass, another first for them

Drag. Twitch. Jerk. Cake!

Cid refers to her passion for fishing as ZENNING. She brought along the poles and tackle. Some strange looking thingies in that box. She set up the poles ’cause there is NO WAY I’m touching any of those nasty looking hooks or the slimy, squishy lures – that look like real minnows.

Fishing seems a little complicated at the start. So much to remember. There’s a thumb thing to hold down and release at the pinnacle of the cast. Dragging, (retrieving) is slowly reeling in the line and lure after casting out into the middle of the pond where Cid saw concentric ripples on the water (aka fish below). I resist the temptation to keep the pole pointed at the sky. Cid instructs me to point it straight out from my hips in line with the spot where the fish line breaks the surface and twitching it every so often so the lure looks like live bait. The Zen part for me is when Dragonflies come to visit the wet line glistening in the sunlight! If I get a nibble, then it’s a wrist jerk to set the hook in the fish’s mouth. Cid knows me well, “Don’t drop or throw the rod if you get a hit.” She says I have a great casting arm, probably since I didn’t snag myself or the trees, or break the line, or reel in any old boots, dead logs, water snakes or baby gators.

After the lessons, it’s breakfast time. Hot tea, coffee and freshly baked Banana Bread!

Five. Foil. Games. Cookies!

When we have time like this together, we indulge our passion for card and board games.  A couple of traditional games, Cribbage and Sequence, then the latest favourite, Rummikub. When we get together there’s always time for an artzy fartzy project or two. This time, I got to show Cid the basics of Foil Art … love her Fish!

Pirates. Pods. Piers.

Off to Punta Gorda for lunch and a little window shopping at Fisherman’s Village.

A pod of three dolphins came into Charlotte Harbour to play, moving ever closer to the pier and putting on quite a show.

Lyrics to: Growing up Beside You

Sitting beside you in school,
While we’d paint I’d make you laugh.
Mine was never very good,
Yours looked exactly like the photograph.
Looks like I’m growing, I’m growing up beside you.

I don’t always get the way you feel,
But now I’ve learned to live with that.
It’s like I’m a part of something real.
I was hittin’ the bottle, now I’ve broken the seal.
Looks like I’m growing, I’m growing up beside you

And the sun sets the scene,
While the rain misses me.
And all the time I’ll be growing, growing up beside you.

Oh, The sun sets the scene,
While the rain misses me.
And all the time I’ll be growing, growing up beside you.


Published by Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.


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