TRIP LOG: Boredom on The I-20


If you ever decide to follow our road trip path, don’t take the I-20 east or west across the central southern states. It’s a commercial route laden with eighteen wheelers. It’s long, dirty, stinky, boring and the drivers are rude!

I know, we said this already about the Santa Rosa to Dallas leg of the trip. I wanted to set the stage for the chart below to show you just how boring and monotonous that stretch was.

We drove through hundreds of miles of cattle ranches; saw thousands of cows. After we got tired of calling, “COW”, we switched for a while to “STEAK”.  Another hundred miles or so we switched again to, “STEAK-ON-THE-HOOF”.  We may have been bored, but we were still laughing all the way.  Many, many miles later our minds started working that last one over, creatively, as we pushed on eastward. Here’s what we came up with …






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