TRIP LOG: 25 March 2014

Meridian, MS to Dublin, Georgia

Progressive:  5417 Kilometers or  3418 Miles

The push is on to make it to Dublin in time for supper and, of course, this is the day we experience our longest traffic delays.  Long overdue road work being done in the Warner Robins, Georgia area. Soon we’ll be out of the car and spending a couple of days doing as little as possible, giving our bones and muscles a well-earned rest.

Our route takes us through Montgomery and Columbus all the while travelling through the Tuskegee National Forest of Alabama, the smallest National Forest in the US.

We discuss a side trip to Callaway Gardens a 6,500 acre (2,600 ha) resort complex located in Pine Mountain, Georgia in the Appalachian foothills. Unfortunately it’s a six-hour detour and we wouldn’t make it to Dublin tonight. Cid is sorely tempted to make another hard left north to the Gardens when I confess that zip lining is on my bucket list! A future road trippin’ destination, perhaps?

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

I’m curious about the rounded clumps of foliage high in the denuded trees of early spring, and too lush green to be bird nests.  Cid tells me it’s Mistletoe!  I’m a little shocked to learn that this beautiful evergreen plant (Phoradendron serotinum), hung in doorways at Christmas time to prompt a kiss, is a hemi-parasitic plant using the host for water and mineral nutrients. Mistletoe was often considered a pest that kills trees and devalues natural habitats, but was recently recognized as an ecological keystone species, an organism that has a disproportionately pervasive influence over its community. A broad array of animals depend on mistletoe for food, consuming the leaves and young shoots, transferring pollen between plants, and dispersing the sticky seeds. (Source: Wikipedia)


On a special note … we’re going to extend the trip a little.  After resting in Dublin, we’ll be driving down to Fort Myers, Florida to meet up with family and friends for a four-day weekend.  Yes, we are crazy, travelling gypsies!

 Photo Gallery: Calgary : Flagstaff : Dublin

Spanish Moss in Breeze

Spanish Moss in Breeze


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