TRIP LOG: 23 March 2014

Santa Rosa, NM to Dallas, Texas

Progressive: 4016 Kilometers or 2499 Miles

Fort Sumner, New Mexico

Checked out the grave site of “Billy the Kid” at Fort Sumner.  How ironic that the grave marker ultimately ended up in shackles. It’s been stolen and recovered twice in recent times.

Historically, Fort Sumner was a military fort. It was Col. Christopher “Kit” Carson who was ordered to do whatever necessary to bring the Mescalero Apaches and then the Navajos to nearby Bosque Redondo. About 500 Mescaleros were interned there by the end of 1862, and some 8,500 Navajo by early 1864. The Navajo people refer to the journey as the Long Walk.

If you ever decide to follow our road trip path, don’t take the I-20 east or west across the central southern states. It’s a commercial route laden with eighteen wheelers. It’s long, dirty, stinky, boring and the drivers are rude!

But it wasn’t all bad, even if photo opportunities were limited. We laughed at this Texas town’s name, MULESHOE. Try saying that three times fast!  I was the navigator on this epic road trip and just couldn’t get it right when trying to pinpoint our location for Cid.  It kept coming out MOOSHOE!  And, how many times have you been filling up at a gas station and have two cowboys in full gear gallop through on their horses. We were in the concrete jungle on the outskirts of Dallas at the time!

One photo opportunity worth pulling off the highway were the ruins of an abandoned mine on Lost Road!

01NearFtSumner1 (800x533)

Photo by Cheryl Andrews

 Photo Gallery: Calgary : Flagstaff : Dublin





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