TRIP LOG: 22 March 2014

Holbrook AZ to Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Progressive:  3079 Kilometers or 1966 Miles

375px-NorthAmerica-WaterDividesWe crossed over the Continental Divide of the Americas on I-40 near Thoreau NM. The Continental Divide (also known as the Great Divide or the Continental Divide) extends from the Bering Strait to the Strait of Magellan.The Great Divide is the most prominent of the divides because it follows the line of high peaks along the main ranges of the Rocky Mountains and Andes at a higher elevation than the other hydrological divisions.

We spent a leisurely few hours over a lazy lunch of cold drinks and fajitas and wandering the streets and artisan shops of Old Town Albuquerque,  The local artisan displays of sterling silver and turquoise jewellery were beautiful … and pricey.

Old Town Albuquerque NM

Old Town Albuquerque NM

 Photo Gallery: Calgary : Flagstaff : Dublin

We then pushed on to Santa Rosa, NM for the night. Two days of Las Vegas caught up with us … road weary!


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