TRIP LOG: 21 March 2014

Las Vegas, Nevada to Holbrook, Arizona

Progressive: 2608 Kilometers or 1620 Miles

In order to get back on our original route through Flagstaff, Arizona, we crossed the Colorado River at the lower Davis Dam in Laughlin, Nevada and drove straight across the Mojave Desert for 4 hours.

Historic Route 66 crisscrosses the I-40. We followed it for a short section ‘just because’ and into Seligman where we stopped for lunch at The Roadkill Cafe. Where else can you have as much fun ordering your meal as eating it?  Sample menu items … Splatter Platter, Swirl of Squirrel, Big Bag Stag, Highway Hash, Varmit Vittles, Too Slow Doe, Mystery Meat … and more!

New friends made in the parking lot of the Cafe, the Gunnlaugson’s from Lethbridge AB, who were travelling to Havasu AZ in the opposite direction to us … in a bright orange Smart Car … into winds gusting up to 66 mph!  An old friend passed along in the same lot. The purple cooler that started these road trips with us 10 years ago regrettable bit the Mojave dust! It’s passage was ceremoniously marked by driving over it in the Road Kill Cafe parking lot!

Just past Two Guns, Arizona we saw markers for Meteor Crater, the site of a meteorite impact crater formed about 50,000 years ago. Meteor Crater lies at an elevation of about 1,740 m (5,710 ft) above sea level. It is about 1,200 m (3,900 ft) in diameter, some 170 m deep (570 ft), and is surrounded by a rim that rises 45 m (148 ft) above the surrounding plains. The center of the crater is filled with 210–240 m (690–790 ft) of rubble lying above crater bedrock. During the 1960s, NASA astronauts trained in the crater to prepare for the Apollo missions to the Moon. (Source: Wikipedia)

 Photo Gallery: Calgary : Flagstaff : Dublin



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