TRIP LOG: 19 March 2014

Detour : Sin City

Progressive: 2061 Kilometers or 1280 Miles

Frustration setting in. Three times we tried to get to pictograph and petroglyph sites, and each attempt was thwarted by nature!  At Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in Alberta, a massive, solitary rain cloud hung over the site requiring an off-road vehicle to get to the petroglyphs.  Zion National Park’s petroglyphs in Utah involved climbing down a cliff and following a creek on foot to an unmarked site.  Our final attempt at Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs near St. George, Utah was also quashed because the approach road was washed away, even an ATV couldn’t get to them.

The angry girls just wanna have fun, NOW, without waiting another two or three days to get to New Orleans.  Detour: Staying on the I-15 southwest straight into Las Vegas, Nevada!  Mutual decision made to postpone New Orleans for a future roadtripp’n event.

imagesWe spent two days ‘sinning’! Ghost Busters is now our favourite slot machine – hours of entertainment getting slimed, blasted and psyched in 3-D by the movie’s characters.  Better yet, even the chairs were part of the interactive game and our road weary backs got thumped, slammed, rocked and massaged while we played.

Day two was all about hours spent walking and photographing the strip!  Everything went so well until we got back to our room and couldn’t unlock the safe to get access to our passports, credit cards, cash and Cid’s jewellery. The Luxor’s chief technician arrived in an escort of three security guards; two followed him into the room and a giant guarded the door in the hallway.  Why so many guards for one Technician? The potential for thieves getting their hands on his electronic safe cracking unit put him at incredible risk.

This Trip Log’s slideshow is a biggy so grab your favourite beverage and join us on the tour!

"The Las Vegas Strip" by Cheryl Andrews

“The Las Vegas Strip” by Cheryl Andrews

 Photo Gallery: Calgary : Flagstaff : Dublin



2 thoughts on “TRIP LOG: 19 March 2014

  1. Painting the town red, are we? Luxor sounds like a good respite. I stayed at Paris, but so long ago now I’d probably be amazed by what else is there. It would have been criminal if you hadn’t made the side trip to Vegas. Happy gambling.

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