TRIP LOG: 19 March 2013

Zion National Park, Utah

Progressive: 1814 Kilometers or 1127 Miles

People have always sought this place, this canyon oasis in the extreme desert environment. The exit for Zion off the I-15 was so nondescript we missed it and had to loop back. The narrow, two-lane highway leading to the Park took us through a wildly changing landscape of green canyons, red cliffs and blue skies. The rock layers reveal how melting winter snow fed the scouring river torrents that forcefully shaped Zion’s steep cliffs, narrow canyons and soaring peaks.

Before entering Zion National Park we passed through the quiet and pretty village of Toquerville, followed by lunch at Wildcat Willie’s in Springdale, the south entrance to the Park.

A warning should you want to make the trip … the one road through the park consists of numerous switchbacks, without guardrails, so steep vehicles could only crawl along at 20 to 25 mph.  Unnerving!

Photo by Cheryl Andrews

Photo by Cheryl Andrews

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