TRIP LOG: 18 March 2014

Idaho Falls, ID to Beaver, Utah

Progressive: 1430 Kilometers or 889 Miles

Great Salt Lake, UT

Finding the Great Salt Lake was worth the wandering along back roads … none of the locals we asked seemed to know how to direct us there, but we found it anyway.  I won’t say how long that ‘finding’ took us.

It was strange to be standing, cameras in hand, at the edge of the Lake, with snow clouds dropping over the mountains onto Salt Lake City several miles away.  What looks like snow in the foreground of Cid’s shot below is actually salt!

"Salt" Photo by Cid C. White

“Salt” Photo by Cid C. White

Photo Gallery: Calgary : Flagstaff : Dublin

With the exception of the Dead Sea, the Great Salt Lake is the saltiest body of water on Earth.  It’s 72 miles long but only 10 to 28 feet deep. The Lake,s salinity varies from 15 to 25 percent … at least six times saltier than the ocean.  Only blue-green algae and brine shrimp can tolerate this salt content! Water trapped in open diked lakes near the shores of the Great Salt Lake leaves inches of almost pure salt, harvested annually for commercial purposes.




4 thoughts on “TRIP LOG: 18 March 2014

  1. Cheryl, do you remember the book you and I read about the woman who explored the natural world around Salt Lake City when her mother was dying – all seasons. Wow, you are there.

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