TRIP LOG: 17 March 2014

Road Closed at Idaho Falls, ID

Progressive: 1078 Kilometers or 670 Miles

We got on the road at Helena, MT fast and early, a snow storm was blowing in. The hope was if we got south 1.5 hours to Butte, MT we’d be well below the storm. Our overall destination for the day was Salt Lake City, Utah. The storm was upon us almost immediately, moving much faster than forecast. The roads were a mix of ice and slush! We made it through what turned out to be just the beginning. Stopped for a well deserved break … the car was covered in a layer of ice.

By this time winds were gusting up to 65 mph. We were racing and dodging a tumble weed stampede. We watched in fascination as a snow-laden cloud dropped out of the sky and consumed a ranch on the other side of the valley at Divide, MT.  It wasn’t 10 minutes later that we drove into a snow cloud on our side! Things deteriorated to blizzard conditions … two tracks in snow. At Idaho Falls, Idaho the I-15 was closed because two transports had been toppled by the winds three exits further south.  What should have taken 4 hours took nearly 7!


“Half-n-Half” by Cid C. White©

Photo Gallery at Calgary : Flagstaff : Dublin

Cid took this picture from the safety of our hotel room.  It tells the story … only the northwest side of the tree is caked in ice and snow. It was a fierce wind that blasted this freak storm down out of the mountains, across lower Montana and into Idaho. Even the locals were caught off guard … their forecast had been for rain.


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