TRIP LOG : 16 March 2014

Calgary AB to Helena, MT

Progressive: 643 Kilometers or 401 Miles

We wanted to visit the Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park near Milk River, Alta. but were thwarted by bad weather …  its was the only foothill in the range shrouded by black clouds and rain.

Photo by Cid C. White

We spent most of the day traveling through lower Alberta and the buttes of the Big Belt Mountain Range in Montana. High winds and powerful gusts were buffeting the car.  When we stopped for a photo opp in Ulm, MT, only a mighty shove got the car doors open!  The door slammed shut bruising Cid’s arm and catching her waist-length hair in the door frame … my short hair literally stood on end.

Photo by Cid C. White

Photo by Cid C. White©

Photo Gallery at Calgary : Flagstaff : Dublin


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