About Us

Sisters. Friends. Photographers. Artists.

We are all these things.

We are fascinated and challenged by the many dimensions within the world of art. Our most enduring passion is photography! We feed each others ardor for this medium and when together, it is never without our cameras.

About This Photo Journal

Another passion we share is road trippin’.

Over the years we’ve done many photo safaris (road tripp’n with cameras) documented the old fashion way in a scrapbook journal.

In future these trips will be recorded in real time!  We’ll be sharing our photos and stories from the road here!

Please comment. We love hearing from you!

Heading out for another road tripCid and Che


20 thoughts on “

  1. Have looked at all the beautiful photos and have to say my favourites are the abandoned historical buildings. I have always been fascinated about the history, why they were abandoned. I make stories in my mind about what the people were like, what they did, etc. thanks so much for sharing your journey.

    • That is a wonderful insight into your creative mind! Cheryl and I often think about the history of our photo subjects too; but I have to admit, there are those times when we get caught up in the art of capturing a history we don’t know. Thank you Deborah & Ron.

  2. Hi Ladies, Its me, the one with the Smart Car at Road Kill! Looking forward to some new posts 🙂 Where are you? How are you?

    • Hey there. We are in Dublin GA after a total of 9 roadtripp’n days! We are tired … catching up on our posts. More to come. So pleased you are following us. Did that cute, little Smart Car get you to Havasu safely?

    • We’ve seen such a variety of landscapes, it’s truly exciting and amazing. We’re driving safe and having a ton-o-fun. Keep checking back for more photos. Thanks guys!

    • Thanks Yvonne! We’re planning on it. You can follow us on this adventure by checking back in here at any time. And, yes, see you soon!

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